We go the distance

Speed Credit

The car that you need is now within reach. At Speed Credit, we make sure that we understand you, your needs, and all your other requirements to find you a range of suitable finance and insurance solutions. Finance your dream car with us, secure your financing terms and insurance coverage comfortably, and gain that drive to arrive at your destiny.

Cars & Stars

Selecting the right car is important, but even more importantly, is selecting the right place to confidently purchase your dream car from. At Cars & Stars, your needs are seen as our own. Throughout the whole process – select, ignite, enjoy – we aim to fulfil your dreams of driving, and while doing so, retain the dreamlike feeling that is so important to you.

Ace Drive

Drive your heart’s desire in the car of your choice. At Ace Drive, we tap on people’s love for unique, fast, and thrilling cars. Choose your ride from our formidable fleet and plan your drives without worrying about maintenance, insurance, and other aspects of car ownership. Whether you go for prestige or comfort, or style, we have got you covered.

Reach Capital

Buying a home and sourcing capital can be stressful and overwhelming. We at Reach Capital strive to make everything as easy as possible for you. We believe every mortgage should be fast, transparent, and low-cost. You can rely on our knowledge and know-how, to guide you through your mortgage journey. Honest computations, no hidden costs, and straightforward financing terms are the foundation of our success.

We are marking a milestone of our own. The road to this point was rough, but we stuck to the journey.

We have worked hard to come alongside you for your milestones in life, be it your first car to get you to your first job or your first date, the high-end car you progress to as your career flourishes, the bigger car for a growing family, or even the smaller car for your daily commute.
Quickly adapting to both technological advances and societal growth, we are now a centre where you can complete your entire transaction process in one location. No more additional trips to the bank and/or insurance agencies. No time-consuming or unnecessary steps, only quick and tailored processes. In short, no wasteful processes, just mindful movement.
From our centre, we can also handle refinancing your car in case you need help with your cash flow, or help you acquire a second vehicle, or even keep you mobile with our rental and leasing services. Or, should your lifestyle take a minimalist turn, we can help you find your car a new home.

Committed to drive you through life

To bring you from dreaming to driving

To journey with you on every road and through every mile of your life